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2018 Exchange

En avril, nous avons acceuilli 12 étudiants de Joigny.  En juillet, les étudiants de Hanover ont visité leurs familles correspondantes à Joigny. Nous remercions ces familles et les organisateurs pour une échange excellente.

In April, we hosted 12 students from Joigny.  Then in July, the Hanover students were hosted by their corresponding families in Joigny.  We thank those families and the organizers for an excellent exchange.

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The Hanover-Joigny Exchange is a volunteer program to facilitate student/adult exchanges between residents of Hanover, NH, USA and surrounding communities with our sister city of Joigny, France, 90 minutes southeast of Paris.

Every other year we welcome a group of 10-15 Joigny high school students for a two-week homestay with Hanover High School families, and spend a return two-week homestay with their families in Joigny for the first two weeks of July.  The only expense to Hanover High students is the cost of their airplane ticket to Joigny plus spending money, and meals and light entertainment for their Joigny guest here at home.  The Hanover-Joigny Exchange Committee plans a full schedule of activities while the Joigny students are here, and we count on parents to volunteer their help with driving and pot-luck dinners.

Would you like to visit Joigny, or host a student or adult here?  We also welcome individual and family exchanges in both directions, and can facilitate special-interest trips such as the Hanover High School Footnotes, a garden tour, a soccer trip, and occasional internships.  We also get requests from college-age Joigny students for a short summer internship, or a homestay just for English language immersion experience.   They’re great guests to have and love staying with families!

Le but de notre organisme est de faciliter des échanges des étudiants et des adultes entre Hanover, NH et les villes avoisinantes aux Etats-Unis et notre ville jumelée de Joigny en France.