Upper Valley Band in Joigny

La porteThe Upper Valley Band participated in a marching band festival in Joigny from September 14-16. The invitation included up to 25 musicians from the Upper Valley plus 10 others (spouses, friends, chaperones, additional musicians, etc.) Our musicians included a father son combo as well as a mother and two children. Age range of the musicians was 13 to 79. One had never flown before, some had never left the country. So this was a gutsy and talented group from several Upper Valley communities. Also participating was the band from Joigny as well bands from its other sister cities i.e Germany, Italy and England.

How did it go?

Here’s what Willy Black had to say “We were literally blown away by the hospitality, meals, and arrangements in Joigny. It was like being in a fairy land. Everyone in the band had a wonderful time, and we have never received such an enthusiastic audience in our entire lifetimes. It was a memory of a lifetime.”

Other trip members weighed in as follows:”I looked up at these wonderful people who were in the Upper Valley Band, totally exhausted, yet playing with heart and joy. How proud I was to have them represent Hanover and how fortunate I was to join them on this incredible journey. Music is truly the universal language and people from 5 countries joined together to create a weekend of beauty and joy. My eyes brimmed with tears as the people in the audience hummed and clapped and cheered. It was a real high. Joigny and its people are very special – a magical and spirited wonderland. Would be that the world could function as well as this past weekend…..Donna Butler

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