Dartmouth College Tour

On April 21, the Joigny visitors enjoyed a walking tour of Dartmouth College.  Joanna Whitcomb, Director of Campus Planning, started the visit at the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, one of the newest buildings on campus.  The students saw modern classrooms and labs, and the greenhouse on the roof.  This is a popular place in the winter, and hosts an extensive collection of orchids.

After walking by student housing at the McLaughlin Cluster, the group went through the Kemeny-Haldeman Math building, then the massive Berry-Baker Libraries.  Congenial guide Randy Brown then escorted the group to the top of Baker Tower. The beautiful weather allowed a fine view of the town.  The group then moved downstairs to the lower level to see the dynamic Orozco Murals.

Lunch was at 1953 Commons, the campus dining center.  The group was impressed by the wide array of choices, and the spacious area.

After lunch, the group posed in front of Dartmouth Hall, site of the original building from 1784.  Next was the Hopkins Center, with Spaulding Auditorium, the Black Family Visual Arts Center and finally the DEN, where the group learned how Dartmouth promotes student entrepreneurs.

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