History of the Program

View of Joigny

Joigny is a city of 10,000 inhabitants located in the region of Burgundy, France, approximately 80 miles southeast of Paris. It is readily accessible by auto and train. Situated in a picturesque location overlooking the Yonne River, it retains vestiges of the original fortification that originally surrounded the town. Initially an important wine producing village, it presently bases its economy on small industry.

The Hanover Joigny Exchange Program was developed in 1990 as a result of the initiatives of Don Watson, a teacher at the Hanover High School, Jean-Claude Tatinclaux, a resident of Hanover with family ties to Joigny, and Jean-Luc Allemand (a physician in Joigny).

In 1993, the towns of Joigny and Hanover became “sister cities”. The official twinning ceremony took place at town hall in Hanover. Participant to the signing were the “selectmen”, as well as Phillipe Auberger, the mayor of Joigny. The twinning document committed each town to promote cultural and educational exchanges between the citizenry of each town. The following year, the twinning ceremony was replicated in Joigny with Willy Black, Dot King, and Kate Connolly representing the Town of Hanover.


The purpose of our organization is to facilitate student/adult exchanges between residents of Hanover and surrounding communities with our “sister city” of Joigny, France. We have organized exchanges for residents of Hanover, Norwich, Lyme, Lebanon, Thetford, and Dartmouth College. In October of 1997, our founding committee formalized an organization structure.

1997 Committee
1997 Hanover-Joigny Exchange Committee

Board members of the organization in 1997 were (from left to right): Sharon Moore (Student Exchanges), Lorraine Kelly (former member), Bob Riessen (Treasurer), Laraine Waters (Secretary), Ned Mc Carthy (Communications), Pietie Birnie, Lizann Peyton (President, not in photo), Mary Quinton (not in photo) and Eileen Clauson (Public Relations, not in photo).